• Mar 03, 2022
  • Kristie LaTray

When you feel hungry just drink a glass of water and wait 5 minutes. This was advice I'd given clients at the beginning of my career as a personal trainer. When I realized my clients would rarely take my sage advice, I was confused & frustrated. "Why hire me and ask my advice and not do it?" I thought. Then I began to feel hypocritical. I thought about the numerous times I had just eaten dinner and I said, I'm still hungry and I'd scarf down anything I could find, usually snacks or junk food. I didn't drink water and wait to see if I still felt hungry, yet I expected my clients to do so. 

Other advice I'd give is to eat more nutrient dense food, you already know eat your veggies, eat fruit, eat nuts and seeds. These foods are very nutritious, but then I thought about myself again and how many times I'd choose chips over nuts, cookies over fruit, and French fries over veggies. This thought got me thinking about how, yes, sometimes we are legitimately hungry and when we are we should reach for the healthiest foods possible for us. However, many times living in Western world, we are not hungry. Hunger is an illusion. We are really starved for something else and pacifying ourselves by eating and justifying it through our hunger. We are hungry, but for what? love? excitement? stability? adventure? security? Once we can honestly answer this question, we can then dive into what it takes to heal our unhealthy habit with food. Once this relationship is healed we will choose the nuts, fruit and veggies. Because we have raised our vibrations and are in sync with food that matches how we feel about ourselves and our self worth. The treat is not that piece of fried chicken or the brownie. The treat is great health, energy, and vibrancy about life.  Here's how you can start to shift your life and feed your true hunger.

1. Accept 

2. Identify who you want to be. What choices does the healthier you make. What does the healthier you eat? What are some daily rituals you would like do

3. Replace old habits with new. You must commit or it will never work. Sure you may backslide, but you cannot beat yourself up and you must realign yourself with who you are committed to being. 


Hunger is an illusion.